Levitate (live tribute)

by Jona Byron

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I wrote 'Levitate' in Iceland, as a tribute to our dear friend Rose Lerchbacher, who sadly took her life one year ago today, 22nd April 2010. This is the only recorded version of the song as it stands. I attempted to record several versions of the song while in Iceland but none of them conjure the raw emotion that this live version captures. Even with it's sonic and performance imperfections it embraces the energy and spirit of Melodica Festival (Berlin) and acts as a warm tribute to Rose.

Bless you beautiful Rose. You will live on in our hearts and memories, always. - Jb x



Don't you wish, you didn't say goodbye my dear?
Don't you wish, you never said goodbye?
The quickest pin fell down, your jacket hung in the closet
Took one last look, you didn't want to stay that day
You wrote the play, the final scene was you, covered in tattoos


Fell off your horse, I hoped that we would speak some more
What did you see? Did something swallow your world?
It looked like grey blacked the sky

Darkness filled the corners of your eyes
Prayers were never further from your mind

So you levitate, in your own special way
You levitate, so you don't have to stay
I know you'll never fade
You were so illuminate
I wish you'd stayed

Hey you, hey Jo
I'm not lost so you know
I'm sorry I hurt my loved ones on the earth


released April 22, 2011
Performed by Jona Byron and The Melodica Family on the 10th of October 2010 at the first Melodica Festival in Berlin.

This performance features Ian Hooper, Mari Mana, Jonas Dahl, l.f.singer and Mijo Biscan on backing vocals, Leni Rice on violin and Rolf Hansen (Il Tempo Gigante) on lap steel guitar.

The festival was mixed and recorded live by Kai Müller. Recording mixed by Jona Byron.



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Jona Byron

Jona Byron (aka Jonathan) is an Australian musician, composer, music producer, film maker and instrumentalist hailing from Melbourne Australia. He is most known for his songs 'Beautiful Bird', 'Joan of Arc' and 'Arm Yourself' from his debut album Extinct Hearts and for his adventures and music created in Iceland during 2010. ... more

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